Ideas for a Traditional Red Christmas Home Décor

Think of Christmas, and the colours red and green are best known for their association. But did you know they were first linked to a different holiday? Centuries ago, ancient Celtic people believed that holly plants brought beauty and good fortune during the winter solstice. Over time, the Celtic habit of putting up red and green holly transformed into hanging red and green decorations in general. And thus, the idea of decking the halls with merry colours became a passed down, well-known tradition across the world. Read on for ideas on how you can style your home with the traditional Christmas colours.


Red Wreath and Candle Set

Christmas wreaths don’t only look pretty on a door. Laying them on a table paired with a white candle and hurricane vase adds another level of enchantment and cosiness to your home.


Poinsettia Perfection

A signature plant for the holiday season, turn heads with the Poinsettia’s striking red leaves and richly toned foliage. Poinsettias are associated with the holidays because of an old Mexican legend. They are also known as “Flores de Noche Buena” or “Flowers of the Holy Night.”


Don’t forget the Xmas Tree!

What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? If space is what you lack in Singapore homes, try a downsized traditional fir tree to add a festive finish to your console or table setting. Its miniature size will fit in even the narrowest places!


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