3 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Work Week

Need a break from work? These scientifically proven facts about flowers will help you take a much-needed breather in the middle of a busy week. Your mental, physical and emotional well-being will thank you!

Show someone you care

Weather forecasts predict the first half of April to be wet with thundery showers. Send some sunshine to someone you care. Flowers improve the mood of any recipient because they look nice and smell good – two factors that are scientifically proven to provide an emotional boost.

Sit by a potted plant

Having fresh flowers and/or potted plants around the home or office is linked to an increase in positive and creative energy. Place plants or flowers in your study or any place where a mental boost would be helpful.

Skip the calories

Just like chocolates, flowers also help to improve memory. Plants and flowers oxygenate the air, boosting brain cells, which improves memory, clarity and concentration. Think of plants and flowers as superfood for the brain cells!

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