The Complete Guide to Ordering Flowers as Gifts in Singapore

Ordering Flowers Online

Flowers are very well loved in Singapore, and sending flowers as gifts in Singapore will always be a great choice. If you are trying to find the perfect way to order and send flowers as gifts in Singapore, then you are in the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to best select a flower gift for your recipient.

What Flowers Should You Buy?

Singapore is a beautiful country with its summer season all year round. This also means that not every flower your purchase can last as long due to the weather. Here are some of the most popular types of flowers you can consider getting for your recipient residing in Singapore.

A classic and well received flower which represent love, friendship, appreciation, gratitude and joy. It typically last up to a week with proper care.

Commonly grown for their bright and cheerful daisy-like flowers, they resemble sunflowers making them one of the most popular flower in the world. It symbolises cheerfulness, celebration, love and admiration. It typically last from 10 to 13 days.

Just like the ray of sun, the sunflowers exist to brighten up someone’s day! This cheery flower symbolises hope, light, happiness, and positivity. They last from 8-10 days with proper care.

Also known as a “the flower that can’t get enough of water” as they love water! Place them in the water to revive them if they start to wilt a little. Hydrangea represents gratitude, grace and beauty. A dainty and lush flower choice. They last up to 4 days with proper care.

This sweet, innocent and fragrant beauty flower commonly represent purity and fertility. The meaning differs from the colours of each lily. Typically last up to a week with proper care.

This flower won it is title and got selected as  “Singapore’s National Flower”. It symbolises thoughtfulness, refinement, beauty, charm, and love, they a

re the perfect bloom to celebrate all occasions.

When Do You Send Flowers to Someone in Singapore?

Flowers are popular as home and office decorations, gifting, and they are used for religious ceremonies as well.

These are some popular occasions to send flowers in Singapore:

  • Valentine’s day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Grand openings
  • The Birth of a Kid
  • Get Well Soon
  • Funerals

Tip: Pick seasonal blooms! It is important to pick out flowers in season. It is environmental-friendly and more affordable. Flowers will also be in their best state and will look fresh when it arrives.

Where Can You Buy Flowers in Singapore?

There are many ways you can buy flowers in Singapore, whether it is from a market, online flower shop or florist shop. It is important that you choose a florist that is reliable. This will ensure that your flowers are sent on time and arrive in perfect condition.

Bouquet selection
Get your preferred colour theme in mind before choosing your bouquet. Different floral colours have different meanings, be sure to align your well wishes with the right palette. Do also make sure to look into the listing descriptions, product images and the size of the bouquet you are picking before making your decision.

Choose your preferred delivery date
Upon ordering, you will be able to select from a number of different delivery dates. You have to keep in mind to choose a date that the recipient is comfortable with or available to receive the flowers.

Leave a personal message
If you have a special message that you would like to give along with the flowers, you can do so by adding a message card. This can give the flowers an even more personalised touch, and can really show how much you care.

Add-on special treats to the flowers
It is always nice to add-on the extra treats for that someone special. This could include items like chocolates, candles, balloons or even a bottle of bubble for their special day.

Recipient details
You will need to accurately fill out the recipient’s information such as their name, address, and phone number. If you are sending the flowers from another country, you may also need to give them a few other details, such as their company name, the company address and the company phone number.

Pay securely
When you pay for the flowers, it is important that you do so securely. This means that you will need to use a method like a credit card or PayPal to pay for the order.

Look through your order
Before confirming your order, be sure to look it over to make sure that it is correct. It is important not to send duplicates to the recipient.

Wait for the acknowledgement or gratitude
Once you have successfully ordered and sent the flowers, you are just left with waiting for an acknowledgement or a form of gratitude. To ensure that the flowers were received without a problem and the recipient is happy with their gifts.


We love a good floral fix! Flowers can make anyone’s day. It is suited for almost all the occasions you can think of. Celebrate and share the love for flowers with your loved ones today. Spice up your cosy space with flowers. It is made for everyone!

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