Tasteful Décor for a Safari Style Home

Travelling to South Africa for its safaris and savannahs may not seem possible for now, but for explorers and adventure-seekers who love the outdoors, having a safari-themed home may not be such a bad idea. The warm, earthy tones give a sense of comfort, and the accessories offer the anticipation of travel and adventure. However, embarking on an African safari-inspired home makeover can be wonderful or precarious. Here are some tips to ensure that your room ends up looking cool and contemporary instead of like a wild souvenir shop.


Choose your palette

Start by choosing your colour palette and sticking with it. Your overall colour scheme will determine the overall impression a person will get when they enter the room.

An excellent backdrop for a safari themed room would be earthy colours like creams and taupe. These colours are warm like an African sun, and you can add a textured wall using paint or wallpaper in rusty orange, olive green or brown to give a sense of sunsets and the savannah.

Go natural

Authenticity is the key component to being convincing with an African Safari decor theme. Shiny plastics are the last material you would see on safari, so draw inspiration from natural surroundings and incorporate wood, leather, leaves and rattan.

Do not be scared to have fun, but remember that too much can be overwhelming. Vary the objects in your room with each material, such as a rattan basket, leather couch, wooden lamp bases, and animal printed cushions, instead of having lots of different textures and prints incorporated into everything.

Decide on a feature object

When someone walks into a room, you need one item that will draw their attention and immediately give them a sense of your safari theme interior. This could be a large piece of African art creating an accented wall or a beautiful sculpture of an animal. You could even have a collection of attractive native African Protea flowers on your coffee table.

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