Wild Dendrobium

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A statement piece in any home or office, this 1 metre tall wild Dendrobium orchid will impress anyone who passes them. The plant is stylishly potted in a contemporary white pot.


The orchid is approximately 1m tall and can vary according to availability.


To enjoy your orchids for longer, follow these simple steps:

• Wild Dendrobiums love sunlight better than most orchids. They do well outdoors but can also be kept in a sunnier spot indoors.

• Place in a warm place with sunlight and water more often if outdoors or in a hotter spot.

• If placed indoors, water with three ice cubes a day. If outdoors, water once or twice a day. Allow the water to drain through and avoid water logging.

• Do not be alarmed if a few leaves has black spots and turn yellow, just trim them away. It is more common for Dendrobiums and does not affect overall health.

Flowers may be toxic and should not be consumed. Take care if you have children or pets at home.

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