Ultimate Retreat

$219.00 +GST


Treat your hardworking family member or friend to a no-fuss Emerald Palm plant and a curated selection of luxurious products that will help them unwind, recharge, and experience a truly blissful weekend. Show your appreciation for their tireless efforts by gifting them the perfect tools for relaxation, ensuring they feel the love and care they deserve.

Hamper includes:

• Fossa Chocolate (Sea Salt – 50g)

• Ollie’s Night Night Spray (essential oils for a good night’s sleep – 50ml)

• Artisan of Sense Room Spray (Musk, Bergamot & Rose – 50ml)

• Banelés x 2

Hamper is suitable for all occasions.

To enjoy your Emerald Palm for longer, follow these simple steps:

• The Emerald plant can grow in pretty much any condition except direct sunlight.

• It likes to be watered, depending on how much light it’s getting. Less light, less water. More light, more water. Easy!

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