Mr. Bucket Chocolate Bars

from $12.00 +GST


A wonderfully flavoured selection of single origin chocolate bars from local Chocolaterie of the moment, Mr. Bucket. Kickstarted through collaborations with other local brands including The Golden Duck and Brass Lion Distillery, Mr. Bucket pairs interesting local flavours with chocolate to create exciting new flavours.

60g/2.12oz bar

Coffee Dark Chocolate – Tad Coffee’s signature blend, Rufous, is a harmonious blend of Brazil, Colombia and India coffees, with bold yet delicate notes of citrus fruits and the sweetness of plum.

Earl Grey Milk Chocolate – An aromatic and milky flavour, this Earl Grey Bar is made with tea leaves from 1872 Clipper Tea Co. and cacao beans from Triang Bera, Malaysia.

Pepper Dark Chocolate – A flavour that has a subtle kick to it, the Pepper Bar is made with black peppercorns from Hong Spices and cacao beans from Calinan, Philippines

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