Festive Kalanchoe Plant

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Known as wan zi qian hong – meaning thousands and millions of red and purple in reference to its small flowers – the kalanchoe is said to bring wealth and prosperity. This succulent plant is easy to care for as it does not need frequent watering and thrives with bright, indirect light. Presented in a washable leather-like gold paper bag, and can be re-used long after Chinese New Year!

Each Chinese New Year gift includes a complimentary auspicious infinity knot (designs vary, while stocks last).

Please note that flowers are seasonal and may vary according to availability.

Approx. 40cm tall

To enjoy your Kalanchoe for longer, follow these simple steps:

• The Kalanchoe is an indoor plant and can manage in most light conditions. It will flower more easily in a lighter spot – but avoid direct sunlight.

• Water once a week. It’s important not to over water as it will cause its roots to rot

Flowers may be toxic and should not be consumed. Take care if you have children or pets at home.

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