Why Non-alcoholic Wines and Spirits Make Popular Gifts in 2021

In this pandemic era, we may find ourselves reaching out for a bottle of wine or a can of beer in the middle of the day to relieve ourselves of the stress and anxiety of being stuck at home or having a bad workday. The only problem? It’s hard to be productive after a few sips, and it takes a toll on our body (hello, beer belly). Here are some reasons why non-alcoholic wines and spirits are gaining popularity in 2021.

Non-alcoholic = Lower Calories

Alcohol-free beers tend to contain fewer calories than alcoholic beers. Drinks also labelled as ‘light’ beers usually have less alcohol and fewer calories.

So, choosing an alcohol-free beer over alcohol could be a more thoughtful gift for friends who are health and weight conscious. #fitspo

Vegan and Baby-friendly

Some non-alcoholic wines and spirits are labelled as Vegan.

The process of making Vegan wines are the same as ‘normal wines’, the only difference is the fining process. Vegan wine is either natural wine that has not been fined, or it has been fined using natural substances such as clay or charcoal instead of animal-derived substances.

Mums-to-be can also enjoy these alcohol-free wines at any time in their pregnancy!

Halal Non-Alcoholic Wine

In Singapore’s cosmopolitan city, there is a surging appreciation for non-alcoholic Halal wines in Singapore. So even when there’s a booze party in the office, Muslim friends and colleagues can also join in without missing any of the fun. Halal wines have 0% alcohol and many of them have Halal certification from their origin countries.

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