Meanings Behind Red Flowers (Other Than Red Roses!)

Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and romantic occasions of all types. Along with their rich red hue, premium roses add a breathtaking fragrance to floral gifts. But did you know there are only a handful of red flowers that bloom naturally in the world? It is said that, along with blue flowers, red is one of the least common colours found in flowers. Find out the meanings and symbolism behind some popular red flowers.

Red Anthurium

Anthurium signifies long-lasting love and friendship. Shaped as big hearts, red anthuriums are bold, exotic and compelling and make good floral gifts to symbolise long-lasting relationships. Not to mention, they are irresistibly beautiful!

Red Orchids

As with all things red, the red orchid represents fire, romance, desire, and passion. In addition, red orchids also symbolise wishes of strength and courage for the flower recipient.

Red Carnations

Like red roses, red carnations are the ideal flower when you plan to express sincere love and affection with a romantic gesture. However, red carnations can also be given to someone you feel close to express friendship or familial love on some occasions.

Red Ginger Flower

Red ginger flowers symbolise fiery passion and strength. In addition, ginger can represent limitless prosperity and diversity in the personality. Sometimes, ginger flowers are given as a substitution for roses.

Red Spider Lily

Red spider lilies are bright summer flowers native throughout Asia, especially in Japan. They are associated with final goodbyes, loss and longing. In old Buddhist writings, the Red spider lily guides the dead through samsara, the cycle of rebirth. The uniqueness of Red spider lilies, with their elongated petals, also makes them beautiful flowers used decoratively or as a gift for a special someone.

Red Hibiscus

Along with the rose, the hibiscus is a quintessential red species that adds tropical flair to any floral arrangement. Red hibiscus flowers are a symbol of feminine beauty and are the perfect gift for a romantic partner. In addition, they bring positive vibes to your home to create more security, stability, and joy in your life.

Other Popular Red Flowers

Generally, like the colour, the running theme of red blooms is that they symbolise love, passion and strength. While there may not be that many red species, botanists and gardeners have cultivated thousands of hybrids and varieties of plants that bloom in red. Other popular red flowers include red poppy, red tulips, red anemone, red begonia, red petunia and red dahlia.

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