What do lilies symbolise? Meaning behind the lily flower

What is the meaning of the lily flower? Are cats allergic to lily flowers? What are the uses of lilies? All you need to know about this elegant and classic flower species.

The lily family has over 4,000 species of lilies and 280 genera. Lilies are a part of the genus Lilium, which is considered to be the true lilies. There are many flowers known as lilies, but they are not a part of the true lily family. These include water lilies, calla lilies and daylilies.

What is the meaning behind the lily flower?

There’s a lily for every occasion! Because of the many different colours you can get with lilies, they all hold different meanings and symbols. The most common meaning is purity and fertility. White lilies symbolise a rejuvenation of the soul and are often chosen for weddings, funerals, and condolence flowers. On the other hand, orange and yellow lilies are full of positivity and joy and are the perfect flowers to send when you want to say congrats on a new job, new home or personal achievement. Meanwhile, pink and red lilies symbolise romance and admiration and are a welcome change to roses in a romantic bouquet.

What can lilies be used for?

Although it is primarily known as a flowering plant, lilies also have many culinary and medicinal uses. In fact, this plant has more diverse benefits than just looking pretty in your home! For example, if you boil the lily roots or bulbs into a tea, the lily can treat stomach issues and fevers and help women during labour. The roots of the lily flower can also be formed into an ointment that aids in preventing the formation of scar tissue.

Are cats allergic to lilies?

Lilies are extremely toxic to cats and can kill them. Ingesting any part of the plant can cause complete kidney failure in 36-72 hours. The toxicity may occur by ingestion of, or by mouthing, minimal amounts of lily material. Therefore, owners should make sure their cats never have access to lilies of any kind. Take your cat to the nearest vet immediately if you think it has had access to a lily plant.

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