How to Care for Orchids

Orchids are beautiful, but there are a few more practical reasons to keep orchids in your home. These indoor plants are not only mood-boosting; they encourage deep breathing, which can even help you sleep better. Keep calm and stress-free with Flower Addict’s Phalaenopsis orchids and our handy care tips below.

Avoid Overwatering

Phalaenopsis is the easiest orchid to look after because it will grow in low light and do not require extreme humidity.

Avoid overwatering your orchid, which leads more to the flower’s demise than under-watering. If you think it’s time to water your orchid, wait one more day.


Encourage flowering

Sometimes, flowers may fall off, and the stem may start to wilt, but if given proper care, it will flower again.

When an orchid stops blooming, cut off the flower stalk at the base of the plant and wait for a new flower spike to emerge.

Re-pot your orchid

An orchid will not grow in soil. Orchids are epiphytes, and in their native tropical environments, they thrive on trees. Re-potting your orchid in the right orchid potting mix will help to ensure proper aeration and drainage.

Be sure to treat your home to a few potted orchids and follow these tips to make your space that little bit calmer and happier!

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