How Do Flower Subscriptions Work?

What are flower subscriptions? How do flower subscriptions and floral boxes work? Are they expensive? We break down this rarely-available floral service in Singapore for you.

What is a Flower Subscription?

Subscription flowers, or floral subscriptions, include various services where customers can have flowers delivered to a place of their choice in a specified frequency. Customers may choose the bouquets sent or receive a random bouquet of seasonal flowers, depending on the service.

Reminder services can also send flowers on specific dates or holidays (e.g. Valentine’s Day or anniversaries). While it’s common for customers to send flowers to mark a special occasion, the general reason floral subscriptions are gaining traction today is a growing appreciation for having everyday flowers nearby.

The natural beauty (and scent!) everyday flowers bring to homes and offices invigorates and calms the area. Plus, the convenience of having flowers sent frequently without the hassle of ordering them beforehand is a central selling point.

Do all florists offer subscription services?

Advance orders let florists plan and place orders for unique flowers and stock only what’s needed, cutting down on waste. Although flower subscription helps with inventory, not all florists in Singapore offer subscription services. Moreover, it is time-consuming and more delicate as flowers have to be carefully picked and delivered without an aqua pack.

These flowers have to be placed in water upon delivery lest it withers. So always ensure there is someone to receive your flower delivery. We wouldn’t recommend leaving flower boxes at the doorstep or in the riser!


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How to choose the best flower subscription for you

How often do you want flowers?

The vast majority of online florists offer a standard monthly subscription (Flower Addict is the notable exception: it offers a weekly and fortnightly subscription, too). Some companies will let you know the exact day of the month your flowers will arrive; some are a little vaguer. If you need flowers more frequently or at different intervals to a florist’s advertised subscriptions, we suggest you give them a call and tell them your needs – if it’s financially worth their while, they’ll be happy to accommodate you.

How long do you want a subscription?

The shortest floral subscriptions last for three months, while the longest is either 12 months or work on a rolling, indefinite basis. The majority of florists offer subscriptions that are three, six or 12 months long. But if you’re nervous about committing to something that might be too long-term for you, bear in mind that barely any florists charge a cancellation fee, provided you give them sufficient notice before the next scheduled delivery.

What’s your budget?

Floral subscriptions vary wildly in the budget – Flower Addict offers loose flower arrangements at starting prices of $89 – and those are among the most affordable subscriptions available in Singapore. With luxe subscriptions, you can even spend as much as $139 per delivery.

They might be for your home, your workplace, or a lucky someone, but one thing’s for sure: a bunch of fresh, bright and beautiful flowers never goes unappreciated. If you want them in regular supply delivered to your door, then a flower box makes for the perfect and often most cost-effective choice. The best flower subscriptions are not only a welcome treat but convenient and hassle-free too. So why not spoil the person you care about most with a continuous supply of beautiful blooms?

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Want to enjoy the sight and smell of fresh flowers in your home regularly? We’re here to help you make life beautiful with our flower subscription service in Singapore.

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