Hari Raya Haji: White Flowers that Symbolize Faith and Purity

Hari Raya Haji, also known as Eid Al-Adha or Bakri Eid (India), is one of the important festivals in the Muslim Calendar. The festival, which falls on July 10 this year, commemorates Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) complete faith and trust in God. While Muslims do not typically believe in symbols, it would not be considered rude to send thoughtful flower gifts for the home.[/col]

White Lily

White lilies make for great gifts and decor on a wide variety of occasions. The lily flower is sought after around the world for its elegance and beauty. White lilies can symbolise a range of emotions and concepts, but they are most commonly viewed as an image of purity, beauty and innocence. For this reason, they are a popular (and very appropriate) choice for religious celebrations.

White Roses

White roses come with a variety of meanings, including purity, innocence, grace and humility. Because these flowers have long been popular for weddings, they have also come to represent new beginnings, making them appropriate flowers to convey congrats to those who have completed their pilgrimage, also known as Hajj.

White Eustomas

White Eustomas, also known as Lisianthus White, is often associated with spirituality, unity, purity, and innocence. This beautiful rose-like flower also symbolises a lifelong bond between two people and appreciation to others. As Hari Raya Haji is also a day of sacrifice and feeding the needy, these spray roses are perfect gestures to thank someone who has been helpful to you.

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