Gladiolus: August Birth Flower

Do you know someone who celebrates their birthday in August? If you’re wondering what to get them as a gift, a bouquet of their birth flowers, gladioli, is highly recommended!

About the Gladiolus flower

The gladiolus is often referred to as a sword lily because of its long and skinny shape. In Latin, “gladiolus” is the diminutive of “gladius”, which means sword. It has many flowers shaped like funnels and clustered on one side of the stem.

Gladioli are available in several beautiful colours, including burgundy, green, lavender, pink, purple, rose, white, and yellow.

What Is The Meaning Of Gladiolus?

The gladiolus is a symbol of sincerity, remembrance, and strong character. Red denotes deep love, pink indicates more maternal feelings, and white gladioli represent purity. Purple tells the recipient you think highly of them and their grace; yellow is for cheerfulness.

These flowers are a message of integrity and strength, no matter which colour you choose. And, speaking to their resemblance to the sword, if you give one to someone you’re interested in romantically, you’re telling them they’ve pierced your heart!

What Do Gladioli Say About August Babies?

People born in August are as unique as the gladiolus flower and possess great integrity. Known as honest and faithful, they are solid characters and natural leaders. They are usually brilliant as well.

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