Flower Arranging Tips

Learn the basics of DIY flower arranging with our simple guide

Step one

Place your flowers in water as soon as you receive them. They need to be kept hydrated after travelling. When you are ready to arrange your flowers, lie them flat on the table. You’re now ready to start your arrangement!

Step Two

Start with greenery to create the overall shape and guide you through the rest of the arrangement. Layer line flowers (taller flowers with blooms forming along the stems) after the greenery to carry the colour to the edges of the arrangements. For maximum impact, cut the stems to vary the length of your flowers.

Step Three

Position large flowers in the vase, turning the arrangement as you work to ensure the arrangement is even on all sides of the vase. Focal flowers are the anchor of the design and create moments of rest for the eye.

Step Four

Next, place in smaller wispy blooms. Filler flowers support the focal flowers and add texture, depth, and colour to the arrangement. Make sure you leave enough space between stems so that individual flowers have room to grace the arrangement.

Step Five

It’s a good idea to contrast the textures of flowers for a more impactful arrangement. The shorter flowers will sit towards the front of your arrangement.