Five people to thank right now

In our busyness, we may often forget the people who make life pleasant for us every day — it could be the bus driver who waited a little longer for us to board the bus, the cleaner who disinfects our desks daily (because, Covid!), or even an online friend who provided a listening ear during a bad day. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Here are five people to thank right now:

1. A family member who holds the family together

Sometimes we get caught up in our little world, we take for granted the people closest to us. We may accidentally miss birthdays, anniversaries or simply family dinners because there’s always something to do. Whether it’s your dad, mum or a sibling, make a phone call to the family member who holds the family together and never stops trying. A short chat with them may just brighten their day!

2. A friend who was there when you needed them most

Remember a time when you felt lost or helpless? If there was someone who helped you through that confusing period, it’s a good time right now to thank them for being there when you needed them most. Write a heartfelt note to appreciate your special bond and friendship.

3. The person who has been the most patient with you, even when you aren’t at your best

We all slip up sometimes. But not many will have the patience to stand by your side when you do. Say thank you to the person who always believes in you, even when you don’t.

4. The person you know who prays for you regularly

Sometimes good fortune come in divine ways. Show your appreciation to the person you know who prays for you regularly, with a gorgeous bouquet.

5. Someone who makes you laugh, just when you need it most

Life can get too serious if we don’t know how to enjoy the little things. For the person who often makes you laugh, just when you need it most, thank him or her for bringing joy to your day.

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