How are the flowers packed?

Our bouquets are beautifully wrapped with luxury paper and ribbon, and come in a gift bag for easy carrying. They include an aqua pack so that the flowers are as fresh as possible when they arrive.

Our Style Yourself subscription flowers are carefully and securely packed into our bespoke boxes. When you receive them, the stems should be cut and the flowers placed in deep cold water to hydrate them.

All flowers come with full instructions for the care of your flowers and a sachet of flower food to prolong them.

We source our flowers from the most reliable growers in different parts of the world.

We offer vases to complement your flowers. For each of our flower products, we suggest the appropriate glass vase for your arrangement.

Yes! We know some people love arranging flowers as much as we do. Our unique ‘Style Yourself’ flower subscriptions allow you to indulge in the joy of flower arranging at home. These loose flowers come pre-conditioned and freshly packed in our bespoke boxes, with handy flower arranging tips and care instructions.

We aim to use minimal packaging and biodegradable materials whenever possible. Many of our offerings can also be re-used. Please help us to cut back on waste from packaging by reusing or recycling them.

We do not use cotton wool in our bouquet wrapping as it is not compostable and it takes 20,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of cotton. Cotton farming is also responsible for 24% of insecticides worldwide.