Celebrate all kinds of mothers this Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, we tend to celebrate traditional mothers. However, there are also non-traditional mums who are making huge impact in the lives of many. This May 8, we celebrate all kinds of mothers and the unconditional love they give us.

A mother is someone who accepts us for who we are

Our mothers naturally love and forgive us no matter what we do. And mother-in-laws, who often get a bad rep, truthfully can be the most patient and accommodating people in our lives. For accepting us for who we are, flaws and all, cheers to the women who love us unconditionally.

A mother is someone who takes care of children not their own

Here’s to the foster mums, adopting mums, step-mums and those who have stepped up to take care of children not their own. Their selfless act of love deserves only praise and recognition from all of us.

A mother is someone who inspires us to follow our dreams

Female role models who mentor and inspire us to achieve our goals, whether in personal or professional matters, deserves our thanks this Mother’s Day. Not only do they share their expertise, they are also away from their own family to spend precious time with us!

There are different types of “Mums” that we can say thanks to this Mother’s Day. Let them know that they are not forgotten, they are loved, and they are appreciated.

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