Anthurium: How to Care for These Heart-shaped Flowers

Here’s a little secret: the beautiful heart-shaped “flowers” are not flowers! These indoor plants are epiphytes, a type of air plant that comes from warm, tropical regions and the striking colourful parts of the Anthurium are actually modified leaves. The Anthurium symbolises hospitality with its open heart-shaped flower and inspires happiness and abundance.

What to do upon receiving Anthuriums?

Upon receiving the Anthuriums, submerge the stem in a vase and cut 5 cm off the end of the stalk (at a 45-degree angle) and put the flower(s) in a clean vase with tap water. This will allow them to drink up faster.

How often to change the water?

Anthurium flowers are very clean and keep the water clear. They don’t need cut flower food but do tolerate it. So with bouquets of mixed flowers, you can add some cut flower food without any problem. Refresh the water in the vase of the cut flowers about once a week, and cut 1cm off the stem at the same time.

How long does Anthurium last?

With the right care, Anthurium easily blooms for two to three weeks. They offer long-lasting enjoyment, without dirty vases or a lot of hassle!

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