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Make your purchase even more special

Scented Candle

For the person who’s so special that flowers are not enough, include this gorgeous scented candle with your floral gift for additional indulgence. This hand poured soy candle presented in an attractive lightweight tin is a sensory, decadent treat for your lucky recipient. Tell someone who enjoys life’s finer things that you care with this elegant add-on.

Chubby Bunny

How cute is this bunny?! For any occasion or for any age this adorable snuggly little friend will put a smile on everyone’s face. He says ‘Get Well’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Miss You’ or ‘Sorry’ as eloquently as any words could. Coupled with one of our beautiful floral gifts your special someone will love this irresistible, cuddly add-on.

OCHO Chocolates

Double the indulgence! The classic combination of flowers and chocolates never fails. This Salted Caramel Bar is one third caramel and two thirds chocolate. Yum! Made in New Zealand, Ocho Chocolate is natural pure chocolate made from cocoa beans that is dairy, gluten and soy free.

T2 "Sleep Tight" Tea

There is something charming about the traditional combination of flowers and tea. Enjoy the gentle aromatic flavour of tea while winding down for the day. ‘Sleep Tight’ tea will relax both your body and mind.

Glass Vase

This is the perfect add-on for the person who enjoys expressing their own creativity. Simple in design this glass vase lends itself to any décor or design style – by gifting this add-on you have thought of everything!

Bottega Brut Prosecco

Blooms and bubbles… the perfect way to say everything from ‘Thank you’ to ‘Congratulations’! Our bottles of prosecco make the perfect addition to our blooms, to ensure you make an unforgettable impression. Add a bottle of fruity and flowery prosecco to your next order as a very special treat for a friend or loved one.