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About Us

Kerry James and Sandi Sadek are the founders of Flower Addict. The idea was borne after years of searching for beautiful high-end floral arrangements, yet at affordable prices. Both long term residents of Singapore, they saw an opportunity. At first it was just an “if we had time…” conversation between these family-orientated mothers whose juggling skills are finely tuned to incorporate work travel, corporate careers, school aged children and extended families. However, their search for sophisticated and accessible floral offerings in Singapore continued. “If only I could find stunning, quality online flowers”, quipped Kerry. And so, Flower Addict was born.

Flower Addict responds to Sandi and Kerry’s personal requirements from floral deliveries in Singapore. Their criteria are imaginative modern designs, flexible delivery options, indulgent quality blooms with an emphasis on unique packaging – all at reasonable prices.

Now established and going gang busters, the ladies’ enthusiasm is greater than ever.

What started out as a “If only we could…” moment has now transformed to “We’re Flower Addicts!”


“Wow what impressive designs!! I’ve never seen anything like this in Singapore. I love the modern, breezy, contemporary feel. The colours blend perfectly. This is my new favourite florist for sure.”

“My flowers came just as expected. My wife loved them. The site was easy to use. I will definitely use Flower Addict again.”

“I didn’t know different cut flowers will die before others. The website tips helped me to care for the flowers so they lasted longer. Thanks Flower Addict! You certainly know your stuff.”