5 Popular Christmas Flowers for The Season

As the holiday season approaches, we reveal the top flower (and plant) trends for Christmas. Whether it is for gifting or decorating your home, Christmas flowers add a festive mood to any environment.


Not exactly a flower, yet the showy red Poinsettia is perhaps the most popular houseplant at Christmas. Apart from the striking colours and star shape, its green and gold foliage makes it easy to work into any theme.

Red Roses

You can’t go wrong with a classic arrangement of red roses. These deep red flowers make a passionate statement when gifting a loved one.

Red Carnations

Carnations are the most common flowers for Mother’s Day, and now Christmas! They are often used to express sincere love, affection and admiration. Carnations’ striking red hue can also be used to express either friendship or familial love at Christmas.



It’s easy to see why red hypericum is a popular festive flower – the tiny little red buds are cute on their own yet stand out amongst other fresh blooms. In addition, red hypericums are famous for their showy clusters of star-shaped flowers, making them popular flowers for Christmas.

Dusty Miller

Yet another Christmas flower that’s not a flower! Dusty Miller is silvery-grey foliage that brings wintery charm during Christmas. Their unique shaped leaves make them a popular holiday decor choice during Christmas and the festive season.

Other popular Christmas flowers (and plants!) include Amaryllis with their traditional Christmas red and white blooms and Begonia with their rich, show-stopping colours that fit into most Christmas themes.

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