5 Peony Varieties You Have to Know in Singapore

There are around 30 species of peonies with around 6,500 cultivars and hybrids. Some types of peonies have single flowers with beautifully-colored petals. Other peony flowers are classified as double flowers because of their layered look and their ruffled petals. With so many peony varieties available around the world, here are our top 5 favourites that are popular in Singapore!

Pink Peony Single Variety Market Style

Angel cheeks peony

Angel Cheeks is an explosion of pink. You will never forget this peony once you have seen it blossom. In 2005 the prestigious American Peony Society awarded the gold medal to this lovely peony variety. Angel Cheeks was judged the best peony of the year because of the size of its flower, the look of its buds and most importantly, its vase life. The flowers can quadruple in size, so give Angel Cheeks enough space in a vase or in a bouquet to unfold its full potential.

Command Performance Red Peony Single Variety Market Style

Command Performance peony

Command Performance is a hybrid peony variety that features full-petalled flowers and is among the largest peony varieties. It starts red but turns brighter during blooming. After two days of blooming, the Command Performance peony shifts its colour from red to dark orange to salmon. Eventually, it will turn from peach to cream to white. This incredible metamorphosis has earned Command Performance the nickname gobstopper. The plump buds transform into big, beautiful flowers that treat you to a spectacular transformation of colours—highly recommended!

White Peony Single Variety Market Style

Snow Mountain peony

The Peony Snow Mountain variety is a distinguished type of peony known for its strikingly beautiful and large white blooms that resemble a snow-capped mountain. This variety is characterized by its lush, double flowers with layers of delicate, pure white petals, often with a hint of cream at the base. Snow Mountain Peonies are robust and can grow to a height of 3 to 4 feet, making them a prominent feature in any garden, blooming typically in late spring to early summer. This variety is not only prized for its ornamental beauty but also for its subtle, sweet fragrance, making it a favorite among gardeners and florists alike.

Coral Sunset Peony

Coral Sunset peony

The Coral Sunset Peony is an eye-catching variety renowned for its vibrant, coral-colored blooms that gradually fade to a soft peach, offering a dynamic display of color throughout its blooming period. These peonies boast large, semi-double flowers with a gentle, pleasing fragrance. Their early to mid-spring bloom makes them a perfect choice for adding a burst of color to floral arrangements.

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Moonrise peony

Big ball-like, soft green buds open into scented, single, soft ivory white blooms filled with yellow stamens. The flowers pale to cream with age. Moonrise Peony was bred by Professor A.P. Saunders, a chemistry professor at Hamilton College, Clinton, New York, during the early part of the 20th century. Professor Saunders is today considered the “Father” of the modern hybrid peony.

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